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Thematic Writing: Why Charles Dennis’ Latest Book Is Called Balm of Angels

thematic writing

The title of Charles Dennis‘ newest novel, “Balm of Angels,” holds profound significance for understanding the story’s themes and characters. A “balm” soothes or heals, while angels are often associated with blessings, mercy, and forgiveness. So, the title hints that forgiveness and healing will play central roles.

Balm of Angels: Theme 

The book opens with an Irish proverb: “Forgiveness is the balm of angels.” This immediately sets the stage for forgiveness to be an essential theme explored. The proverb suggests that forgiving others and finding forgiveness for oneself is healing, like an angel’s blessing. It allows wounds, both physical and emotional, to begin mending.


Forgiveness is the Balm of Angels

Balm of Angels: Characters

Well-written characters feel authentic and multi-dimensional. Authors develop characters effectively by showing readers who they are through their actions, speech, values, and relationships rather than explaining character traits. Complex motivations and personality quirks paired with character arcs that evolve throughout the narrative keep readers engaged.

In “Balm of Angels,” we meet several characters with strong personalities. Oliver Courtland is a narcissistic personality who flourishes by creating turmoil and hurting the people around him. Oliver’s wife, Lydia, escapes to London from their abusive marriage with another man. Her husband is a sociopath and an alcoholic, hence forcing her to make this tough decision, leaving their son, Rye, behind. Rye is the protagonist, who is deeply affected by his parents’ relationship, as seen through the story.

Dynamic characters experience meaningful internal and external conflicts that reveal new dimensions of who they are. Compelling characters drive the plot forward with realistic, emotionally consistent reactions to changing situations. Masterful character building makes readers feel invested in the characters’ stories and who they are as people.

Balm of Angels: Central Concepts

A book’s central concept refers to the core idea, theme, or message that serves as a unifying force behind the narrative. It explores a specific topic, theme, or issue meaningfully throughout the work. It explores a particular topic, theme, or issue meaningfully throughout the work. Central concepts are not superficial – they represent an underlying significance or message that gives the work depth beyond simple entertainment.

The Balm of Angels thrives on the theme of forgiveness and reconciliation. Through this novel, Charles Dennis delves into the complexities of fractured relationships, love, and separation, showcasing the ebb and flow of human bonds and relationships as life continues.

A story’s central concepts and themes are fundamental, providing depth and meaning beneath the surface-level plot. An underlying solid message or idea allows the author to craft every aspect of the narrative—from the characters to the setting to the events—to thoughtfully explore and illuminate that concept. Memorable characters are also essential, as readers need multidimensional people to engage with emotionally.

thematic writing

The Balm of Angels is based on mercy, compassion, and absolution

Balm of Angels by Charles Dennis is For You!

Charles Dennis’ captivating novel awaits those willing to journey between its covers. Delving into the richly woven tales will open perspectives in ways sure to spark reflection. Memorable characters and poignant insights will stay long after the last page. Anyone seeking thought-provoking encounters with enduring questions about what it means to be human won’t miss the opportunity to dive into this one. ‘Balm of Angels’ is a true must-read for all.

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