An old Irish proverb says: “Forgiveness is the balm of angels.” Playwright Oliver Courtland and his director son, Rye, have been living together on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for years since his wife and Rye’s mother, actress Lydia Hammond, left them decades before and returned to her native England. Lydia subsequently married Oliver’s former writing partner, Alvin Spiegel. For the first time, Oliver and Rye together are working on a new Broadway production. Having great difficulty casting the female lead, neither dares suggest the perfect choice — Lydia — a name neither has spoken aloud in 45 years.


In 1938, British talent ruled Hollywood, earning the nickname “Hollywood Raj”. Sir Osmond Radford, a 50-year-old theatrical knight and former flying ace, felt adrift despite his successful radio show. He yearned to play Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox production, unaware that the British Secret Service had other plans for him. Recruited by his former comrade, Richard Ives-Curtis, Radford was tasked with spying on Nazi sympathizers in Los Angeles. His new career was complicated by his family, including an interior decorator wif, a Nazi-sympathizer son and a daughter vying for Scarlett O’Hara. Little did he know, his life was about to become a real-life thriller, filled with gangsters and Hollywood luminaries!